Police Defense

    In Police Defense, The player will play the commander of the police unit, which at all costs must stop the illegal participants worldwide racing series WIS (Word Illegal Series) held in different parts of the world. Game system that was implemented in Police Defense is a Tower Defense. We get a fresh look at the antiquated system that is ideally suited to the eternal struggle between the police and the pirates road. Arenas will play both in the city and well-known areas beyond. There we get 10 different devices, led by a speed camera, radar manual "hair", and segmental radar. Each of the three power levels and coverage, which will be able to raise the use of points received for fines issued to participants racing. During the game, will visit 14 locations, including Japan, China, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Egypt, Brazil, Jamaica and the USA. Each of the panels contains the characteristics of the country, which has also been highlighted by the music, referring to the site.
Graphics Police Defense has been done in great detail in FullHD resolution. Unfortunately, not all devices available on the market are able to meet the requirements of graphics and for them to just put the game designers can change the settings so that the game runs smoothly on slower devices.



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